Schedule Service for Your Volvo in Fresno!

If you live in the Fresno area and need your Volvo serviced, come into Haron Volvo Cars Fresno and see our service staff. Keeping a Volvo serviced regularly is essential because it will hope you have peace of mind and know that your vehicle is safe and will last a long time. In addition, the more you keep up with your Volvo's maintenance, the more it will be likely that it will be a great high mileage vehicle.

Have Your Fluids Checked

Whether you need an oil change or you need all of your fluids checked and topped off, our service professionals can make sure that the fluids in your Volvo are at the right level and in good condition.

Air Conditioning and Heating

If your air conditioner or heater in your Volvo is not working correctly, it can be a hassle during the change of seasons. So, come to have these things looked at regularly so that you can always stay comfortable in your Volvo.


If you think that your battery may need to be replaced, we can assist you with changing it out. We will check it and make sure that everything else is okay.


If you have squealing brakes, or your brakes don't feel right as you drive or go down a hill, come in for a brake check-up. We will make sure that your brakes are healthy and ready to drive at any speed. Whether you need to have your brake pads replaced or have a complete brake repair, our technicians are always ready to help.

Exhaust System

If you are smelling exhaust in your vehicle or you think you might have a problem with the exhaust for your Volvo, bring it in so that we can make sure everything is working correctly.

Schedule Service Online Today!

No matter what kind of Volvo service in the Fresno area, you can visit us online to schedule a service appointment for your Volvo today! We look forward to looking with you soon!