Take a deep breath and relax as you enter the Volvo XC60. It's an SUV with safety technology that brings your focus on safe driving. Those of us at Haron Volvo Cars Fresno love subtle technology that alerts you to potential hazards as you're driving or leaving a parking space.

Many standard features are in this SUV, including the Rear Collision Warning. Potential collisions are a nasty reality on the roads of Fresno, CA. Collisions from the back are some of the most common types. The Rear Collision Warning system uses radar to detect vehicles coming towards your Volvo XC60 from behind.

If the system senses that the vehicle approaching from behind is in danger of colliding with yours, it will flash warning lights rapidly at the approaching vehicle. If the feature understands that a collision is immediate, it will put tension on the front seat belts and activates the brakes if your SUV is at a stop.

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