Although driving in the rain doesn’t tend to send most drivers in a state of sheer panic, the truth is that most of us could stand to use a little extra caution in the face of driving in inclement weather conditions.

When driving in the rain, the major concern is that of hydroplaning which causes your vehicle to uncontrollably skid over top of the water. When this happens, it can lead to disastrous outcomes and even a loss of life in extreme cases.

To prevent such events, you should strive to slow down in rainy conditions and use your headlights at all times. Always be sure to check that your tires are in working condition and that your brakes are fully functional as well.

If you do happen to hydroplane, stay calm and always turn the wheel in the direction that your car is going. Turning the wheel in the opposite direction, especially when done forcefully, may cause your vehicle to flip, leading to other unsavory outcomes for both you and your passengers.

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